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Investment Counsel

About Our Clients:

The Client Relationship

Investing for others is a serious undertaking.  We address each client's goals individually, and we manage portfolios in accordance with the client's specific investment objectives.

Selecting a course of action that strikes a sensible balance among such factors as relative inflation, safety of principal, income needs and growth objectives is essential.  Therefore, the inital step is to consider appropriate investment goals and to develop a long-range financial plan.

Having an investment plan, and adhering to it, is fundamental.  Investors should have a clear idea of what they wish to accomplish with their capital and how they intend to proceed.  Those with a reasonable plan and a long-range point of view have the best chance of attaining favorable results.

After analyzing the underlying investment characteristics of existing holdings, we make initial recommendations.  Each asset held in the portfolio should be directly related to the basic purpose for which it was acquired or retained.

An important ingredient in any successful relationship is the level of communication.  Clients have direct access to the individuals responsible for their long-term plan, and periodic meetings are held to review their goals and discuss current investment positions.  This level of communication is unavailable with the ownership of mutual funds, and is rare at most large institutions.

While it is our policy to discuss investment recommendations with clients prior to execution, two agreement options are available:

     - A non-discretionary agreement, where client approval is received 
       prior to the execution of the orders

     - A discretionary agreement, where client approval is not received
       prior to the execution of the orders